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The Perpetual ascending Himalaya

50 million years old The Himalayas is the youngest and highest mountain  range on the planet and is still rising.  Ascending of the Himalayas is an ongoing geological process and the most visible form of dramatic tectonic plate collision.  The colossal...

Cause and Solution of Ozone Depletion

The perilous effect of ozone depletion is taking a toll on the living organisms on earth thus preservation of ozone has become our major concern.  What is ozone? Ozone acts like a sunscreen around our planet that absorbs 93-99% of the sun’s high-frequency...
Raini flash flood a human-induced natural disaster

Raini flash flood a human-induced natural disaster

7th February 2021 was a doomsday for the Raini, a small village on the foothill of Himalaya in Chomoli district, Uttarakhand state, India. In the early morning, a flash flood swept away everything people, cattle, trees turning a lively village into swamps of debris...
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