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In the era of 21 century, at the time of gender diversity, the Indian army is still practicing gender discrimination. It’s an argument over women’s inefficiency on command position and to site women as the weaker sex, isn’t it ridiculous.

But honorable supreme court’s landmark verdict enabled women to stand with stance with their male compatriots. It granted an equal role for women in the Indian army as to their male counterparts, which is another milestone for women of my nation.

Govt has argued of women’s inefficiency on the ground that women are physically and physiologically unfit to lead command positions. As they have the onus of domestic duties. Mother hood and biological conditions cannot fix them in the trench. Supreme court trashed govt’s ideas with the insistence that these factors have no significance to women’s equal entitlement. And curtailing their right is against the ideology Indian constituency. So the 28-year wrong action should be correct now.

Women officers in the Indian army now will be par with men, in promotion, ranks, benefits, and pension. As..right to equality is right to rationality.

Our history repletes many powerful women who brave to fight in battlefields. During 1857 Revolt, Begum Hazrat Mahal, Rani Laxmi Bai and Rani veli Nachiyar who formed an all-women army in 1780, defeat the British and recaptured her kingdom. Even during the Mughal era, Rajia Sultan has ruled the thorn for a very short period but it leaves a mark in history. Women are naturally capable to take hard decisions and display aggregation if time demands. In spite of that doubting women’s efficiency isn’t it laughus.

There is nothing in the world that women cannot do under the sun. We just need a paradigm change from doubting to trusting, from belittling to empowering the women.

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