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Its a balmy spring evening. Both orange sun and silvery moon are floating on the azure’s shallow field.The cool breeze soughing along the clusters of leaves and swaying boughs relieving the gloom of sun baked day and my somber mind, kissing my skin.

I couldn’t forbid myself from engrossing into the nature’s beauty. In the confined area of my terrace I looked around and my eyes were taking every single things into my cognitive mind.

Surprisingly I internalized many changes in my surrounding.

A flock of parrot flew over my head pitching a very sharp tune, As if claiming their right over the sky, behaving little impeached. The beige pigeon in twosome sauntering circuitously, unconcerned of the prevailing chaos of world. Few vultures are gliding high in the sky far away from others fringe, as they are regarded to be inauspicious but their scavenging habit cleans the nature. A crow holding a morsel of bread in it’s claw rest itself on the window pan cawing high , may be inviting it’s friends to feast it together. A fleet of babblers on the guava tree busy in their busy in their own conversations. An exiting tiny spring bird flocking from twigs to twigs savoring honey in delight. The mellifluous song of cuckoos in the intermittent periods and from different corners along with the chirping of happy birds are so prominent and melodious as if an live performance of an orchestra is going on. Blithe Avian reclaiming their place and swirling, whirling fearless, as this is their world too.

The prohibited vehicular activity and without clamors of horns there is a hushed calmness in the air.

My eyes caught at the vigorous magenta bougainvillea, climbing to the top of the tall deodar, flaunting it’s beauty in the sun casted rays, displaying the mark of solidarity. The motley of jennia on their thin stacks too is inviting the eyes. The white but provocative jasmine and suggestive tuber rose redolent with a musky aroma is captivating my mind. The dangling mangoes took all my attention in a sense of amazement, nature’s creation meant for human consumption.

The blossomed champa in my neighbor ‘s garden is looking exotic. The deciduous spices known as Alba too has a sweet fragrance that can be traced from some distance.

The gorgeous red hibiscus or ”mandar” in the corner of my terrace on the pot is catching the sight, appalling the mind. It adorns the framed portraits of Hindu goddesses.

The blue peas or we called it ”Aparajita” has creeped upon the strudy thin branches of pomegranate entangling it’s thread like vines keepiing itself strong, and some vines are trailing upon the ground with it’s fruit pods. As the name suggests,the thread like vines is very resilient, it bears flowers through out the year. It is a holy flower used in daily puja rituals.

A row of pink Oleanders near the banister of my terrace are too displaying their very Indian beauty. In the local parlance it is known as ”karbirra” an endemic spies of my land and grows every where.It keeps blossoming from the end of rain to till the end of summer.

These nature around me has always evolved it’s beauty but I never stop to smell the roses.

In the mean time a squirrel came almost splintering and ate the sweets that I have offered to goddess Basil and leaved in the same speed.

The setting sun and emerging moon

Appears and disappears in their routine celestial dance

Flowers blossoms

breeze hums

Plants grows

birds sings

The beauty was ever profound around me

But I never stopped to admire nature’s sublimity.

May be the fair part of the pandemic is now we are realizing nature’s priceless gift.

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