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(The nature was always around me. But in the nitty gritty of life I never behold it’s beauty. The poem Lock-down day 10 is an epiphany that evoked empathy, love and gratification for nature. Social distancing served as blessing by reacquainting me with nature’s beautiful tapestry. There is a sweet song in every element of nature but I never pause to listen it.)

The shadow of vine has elongated to east
The scarlet-red bunch of flowers on its tip
Waving a smile to the sun, promising to meet

The evening of spring, in it’s grandiose
Taking the world
Into it’s glorious festive

The twigs of jasmine and tuberose
And the pleasant south westerly breeze
Are dancing in the perfect rhythm

The unseen cuckoos from clusters of leaves
Chanting the sweet ascending trill
Creating a magical melody in the surroundings

The waxing moon on the backdrop of grey and vermilion hues
accompanied by pole star
Emerging fine

The rustling of leaves
The scent of night queen
Is enough to sooth a human mind

But to this magnificent prelude of night
With every elements of peace
My consciousness is unable to connect

Under this sun I have grown
Whilst the deep flora catharsis my gloom
Infinity stars sings lullabies for my happy sleeps

I am sitting on my terrace
Quietly reflecting on my accountability and my iniquity
when did I lost my path?

Oooo this air I have ever breathed
What for my life is?
Have I ever given a thought to it?

My guilt forced me to fall from my own grace, as I
Never recognized nature’s magnanimity
Nor paid a gratification in it’s adoration.

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