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Today its been 7 years
She faded into oblivion
Still my heart quiveres
How cruelly the beasts had raped you?
Ashes mixed in soil
You have become a taleI know your soul is whimpering for justice
Even saturnine nation is waiting in tightened fist
Indian judiciary where is your supremacy?
Why are you displaying so apathy?
The devils are smiling in impunity
They have filed plea of mercy
Convicts are complaining in the bar
About Delhi’s polluted unhealthy air
Pity, I If I could split some venom on you
Her parents are living uncountable deaths
Govt is saying work is in progress,
Gallows aren’t ready yetIndia how many more
Nirbhay you will count
See how the numbing fear has entrenched in the innocents
Honorable judiciary expedite your exercise
Unleash her soul to rest in peace.

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