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In the celestial dance
You proximate to earth
Like a Charing giant flower,
Has blossomed in the cosmic’s dark

Encircled by luminous holo you cast a spell
Serenading human minds in your sublime intense
Compelles my eyes to gaze and gaze
Prohibites my yearning to resign from
Mapping thousands of miles
You glitter on thin blade of grass
The opalescent dews on lustrous petals
Ignite poet’s aspects in every hearts
Among the scintillating stars
You are traveling
Beyond time and space
Glorifying the whole world In your ethereal grace
Often I wonder
Of the conundrum of creation
Your glinting in the nights Is a silent wisdom
In the cycle of wax and wane
For eternal you limns
As in your aura ocean ebbs and surges
Science behind myths astound the witty brains
When you adorns the vault of stygian black
My senses watches you in transfixed
Gratifications Spurs through the molecules of my perception

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