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Sahin Bagh is a neighbourhood in the south Delhi, a Muslim populated suburb, where Hindu and Muslims used to live together in quiet peaceful atmosphere, until 23rd February a communal riot blazed its peace.

A protest against CAA soon snowballed into a nationwide frenzy claimed 42 lives. A group of protesters mostly elderly ladies and children from Muslim community had encroached a busiest tri junction of Delhi, Noida and UP highway and were protesting on the road. It had been created an almost impasse for commuters. Their agenda is to revoke the newly formed Citizenship amendment act CAA, National population register NPR and yet to be formulated National register of citizen NRC.

Ok, we have right to protest and we should voice against any injustice and Indian constitution is always flexible to revise the shortfalls. What I want to light; some acts were severely shocking and the ill motives were very egregious. The minor children have tutored to chant ‘’AZADI’’….’’JINHAH WALI AZADI’’. Slogans were crying to kill democratically elected PR MR Narendra Modi and Home minister Amit Saha. Placards were reading ‘’Fuck Hindutva’’ with likes. Certainly, unfair and irresistible.

If the root agenda was to protesting against CAA or NRC, then why the lines like ‘’Khilafat.. and Hinduon se azadi’’ were pitching so loud? Why are you twisting the subject to a religious confrontation?

The irony is that, those shouting kids merely would have any knowledge of CAA or NCR and the protesters gathered there since a month, I don’t know, have read the full act. I saw some video cliffs where some women protesters are clearly revealing that, they were paid Rs 500 and free meals to throng at the site. What a shit!

The law CAA is meant to grant citizenship not to cancel or take citizenship. And if you are feeling the act is unconstitutional or it has some flaws why you didn’t file an appeal in the court?

It seems the whole incident is a political ploy. Some ill minded people like Sharjeel Imam have delivered inflammatory speeches only to instigate flare up communal riots throughout the country, keeping the innocents at stakes.

Is sovereignty Allah has preached mayhem, manslaughter and massacre? Perhaps not! So, before trying to taint innocent minds, misleading them by religious heatedness give yourself a grievous thought that, ..there is a Muslim mother, Muslim wife and children too are screaming over their endears death.

Allah’s theocracy too respects humanity.

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