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The nation is in ecstasy, the five hundred years wait ended with a shine on Hinduism. Prime minister laid the foundation stone for construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. Amidst raging Pandemic the ceremony held in a silent but grand way abiding the social distancing norms.

On the bank of river Ghaghara, the city Ayodhya is regarded to be sacred as it is associates with the much-revered god of Hindus Lord Rama. Rama is a culture that is flowing since thousands of years on this land despite of innumerable threat of time. We have been suffered repeated invasions by Turkey, Mongolians, Moguls and European colonials. As to history in 16th century ‘Babri Masjid’ (mosque of Babar) was built by demolishing the ancient Hindu temple, that is enshrined Lord Rama and believed to be the birthplace of Rama. Since then it was a matter of contestation and finally resolved by Supreme Court’s candid verdict. The Muslims too relinquished the land in respect to human emotions and for the greater purpose of national peace.

Well, the seemingly simple saga has been the root of much socio-religious violence between Hindu-Muslim causing human cataclysm. It remained the unpleasant subject of Faith and Dispute.

The Rama temple is people’s long wish, will soon shape into reality. Rama is a deeply ingrained sentiment of Hindus, I too honour the devout of people. Lord Rama must enshrine in a temple to solace his devotees.

The ruling government has pledged to erect the sky touching temple within the time limit of just four months. The ruling Pandemic is flagellating the whole world. A miasma of sigh has still the whole of humanity. We are in the slaughter of time, poor are victims of both virus and hunger, unemployment is weighing heavy on young minds, the economy of the nation is sinking into quicksand and natural calamity is mercilessly taking tools on people’s lives. In this taxing time would Lord Rama beckon to built temple rather than showing concern for the miseries of citizens? Would he grant the capital for the construction of a massive structure instead of outlaying it for the wellbeing of the nation?

‘Rama-Rajya’ is pitching high in the political debate and speeches. Politicians are chanting ‘Rama-Rajya as if they are the unquestionable descendant of Lord Rama and in the name of Lord they are reigning the draconian rule. Lord Rama was the embodiment of compassion, justice and love but these attributes have blindfolded to wield power.

Are we obliging the Rama’s principles as much we are eager to see his temple, veritable not.

RA represents light, knowledge, enlightenment and MA represents the mind. Thus Rama- The name itself suffices to reveal the truest attributes of being a human. The journey of soul to evolve to its higher being, to manifest higher purpose and to cherries peace.

Rather than just paying our devotion for the figurative statue on altar, let’s incorporate the virtues of Lord Rama into the collective consciousness and implement the tenets into practical life to create ‘Rama Rajya’ (peaceful country), to please Rama.

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