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The mango tree has adorned as significant Indian bride
It’s pyramidal flower panicles is spreading into pellucid blue
The celestial cycle has Proclaimed spring
The embellished earth is flaunting in pride
Enormous flowers diluting sweet essense blessings the air
I am previlge to breathing it into my core
The aves are chirping on the clusters of deodars, neems and everywhere
Singing happy prayers
The sonorous koel’s sweet ascending trill
Resonating in the surrounding, soothing human minds
The golden western welkin is blushing by the setting sun
With the commencement of moon the beige
Eastern firmament is glimmering/
The murky breeze waved my strands of hair
Elating my senses In a ineffable fervour
My soul dervishes in nature’s undiluted beauty In the deep adoration for almighty.

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