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In India, we are brought up with the very familiar Sanskrit phrase ‘’Bashundhara Kutumbakkam’’. That means the ‘’whole world is a family’’. but the deep and Tran sendal social-philosophy that lies in this small sentence perhaps now I can decipher

. Irrespective of the divisions of race, religion, countries and continents we all are connected. The whole human race along with each living entity in this world is one family. Our safety will endure if we ensure safety for others. Family is a microcosm of the macrocosm world. As the love, affection and care in the family are in discriminatory the same emotions should subsist for the rest of the world.

The outbreak of COVID -19 has left the humankind in a standstill. A mere virus is hovering powerful upon the most evolved species of the creation. How fragile our life is before the microscopic creature. Social distancing is the only way to save mankind.

The virus is propagating and spreading wildly. Till now it’s beyond our control. The research is in steadfast for its antidote. Doctors, the paramedics and all the health officials of the world are working hard at the risk of their lives. Even they have distanced from their families to check the risk of spreading. And the whole world is in debt for the generous service of these samaritans.

But in this trying time, the light of humanity is beaming. People are coming out to help people like never before. We have understood how imperative our health and life is, and the value of nature for our sustainability. As if the erring mankind have paused, and pondering for a coherence start with nature.

In the way, people are showing solidarity and immense responsibility to contain the virus is commendable. As we have no reach to its particular medication, Self-imposed isolation or quarantine is the only way to check the virus from spreading. We should follow the medical guidelines to prevent the virus from transmitting. Prevention is better than cure. Sanitation and cleanliness are the only way to eradicate the coronavirus. So, we must incorporate these virtuous habits in our lifestyle.

India is a drab country. From 130 million population, 68% of the population lives in rural areas without adequate sanitation facility. The thickly populated slums in the urban, live in unhygienic condition even in the lack of functional toilet and drinking water. So, if corona will hit these places it will bring a catastrophic human apocalypse.

The working govt’s pre-emptive measure to contain this epidemic from the very beginning is really appreciable. We should also follow the instructions as a responsible citizen. Only our coordinated earnest approach and response will help to fight this outbreak.

The fair part of the pandemic is for the first time erasing all boundaries humanity have united to fight a war against an enemy different from its race. All have given up their self-interest for a greater purpose to claim our existence on the earth.

Let’s take the lesson from this unprecedented pandemic. Nature is a biological chain and we are just part of it and are interdependent on each other. Our own safety will persist if we will ensure safety for others. So, let us care for each other like the whole world is one family.

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