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This is my country India. Where the gale of brute patriarchy still lashes upon women. If you will have a problem with their adamant they won’t give a second thought before ravishing your body, mind and soul. Gilded in the neat sartorial styles, this medieval varlet owns sick minds.

You must be thinking why I am bristling on the other gender of mine. Because don’t know about nation’s concise but I am shaken up by the Kananga’s open clout.

Kangna Ranawat, She is a young talented girl from Himachal. She aspires to be thespian and made her way to ‘The city of Dreams’ Mumbai. Star-Dom was not served her on the plate she strived hard to make it. Her hard work and determination earned her successes and fame. Luck smiled she build a home and an office in the town. The middle-class girl was content by making a mark of her name.

Her journey from an obscure girl to rise to the occasion was not easy. She has been bullied, subjected to assaults by industries’ feuds. But she is fearless and never backs to speak her mind. She speaks loud about the privilege of nepotism and the boon of being star-child. Her plain-speak draws her scathing criticisms along with couples of enemies.

Today she is at the receiving end of the disdain by sets of savages. Her house and office both are demolished in trump-up by some political goons. Her recrimination to ruling Maharastra Govt laid the demolition. Her comparison of Mumbai to Pak occupied Kashmir has gutted down Sivsena’s core. And in aversion Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation demolished part of her house and office in her absence.

Bigwigs rather than wasting your time and energy on a single woman, better show your mettle on the border where china is slithering like a snake to hood up at any moment.

Why BMC is in haste to resolve Kangna’s case? If Nirbhaya’s mother could wait for almost 8 years to get justice for her deceased daughter. It could have wait for her return with a legal notice. Kangna’s violation doesn’t exceed to second or third-degree heinous crime like rape or murder. So what’s the hurry to razor Kangana’s house and office.

And the utter silence from film fraternities is unpalpable and unperceivable. Not a single person came forward to stand by her support. Strange, Is it fear of power or kind of gimmick to suppress the voice of dissent of a conscientious woman.

Today her house has demolished tomorrow it may be of another Kangna’s, who dares to unveil the dark secret of patriarchy. Its time’s solemn call to the collective concise of Indians, to look in the face of the unjust.

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