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Much humongous RSS chief Mr Mohan Bhagwat’s statement ” because with education and affluence comes arrogance, as a result of which families are falling apart” ….. It steered my mind and many conscious citizen’s mind of my nation. How rediculos? 69year old celibacy a leading leader has got such maggoted brain, such gone off thoughts.

My country regards marriage to be scared and one time affair. Women has to bear the marriage all along the life. Her expectations and satisfactions are never the matter of consideration.

As to hindu scripture “Manu Sanhita”…one of verse describes that …..A girl must be controlled by her father, be under the custody of her husband and when widowed she has to survive under her son’s care. That means she never can assert independence in her life. I really feel pity since time women’s freedom has ever been clamped. And since time our male bastion culture very cunningly deifying these scriptures to keep the woman in dark by impotent her potency.

Since history Woman’s education have been ever blindsided. Without education there is no Avenue to be self independent. So she has to be at the mercy of every male in her life, be it father. brother or husband or son. And divorce for her is beyond her comprehension.

Hindu tradition gave male power over property, marriage, occupation and all family matters. So, she has to live like a cow inside the house.

Patriarchy wind has veered. Fortunately women are getting educated and propelling themselves to be independent and asserting their rights. Now they are able to think and act for their wellness. Thankfully they have become bold enough to shed the undeserved husbands.

And the list of other means to oppress women are long..child marriage, domestic violence, practice of sati (widow immolate herself in the pyre of her husband), practice of triple talaq, honour killing and so on.

Marriage is an institution in itself. Marriage meant to be growth of two individuals together. If relationship stunts anyone’s personal growth, it’s wise to shed it.

The dissolution of marriage should must be ended with divorce. Divorce is about claiming own’s right , not a sign of arrogance. Educated and much affluent high head Mr Bhagwat don’t get arrogant to shed ill coustom of Hinduism, that subjugates women in the name of tradition.

Women of incumbent time now don’t fear to be stigmatize as Mr Bhagwat you practice to enjoy your pomp of arrogance when today’s uninhibited women dumps their unsupportive husbands.

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