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I am like water
I can buoy you with my elements
I too can inundate you in my fierce
Instead of dreading the fear
I morphed to be resilient
Asserted my aspirations
Wearing the confidence
My love on surface neither dilutes
Nor concentrates in the depth
Don’t undermine my solvency
I won’t cringe to suck your ridicules into my vortex
Now I have a room of my own
Of course you have to knock
Leave it to my prerogative
Whether I will consider or not
Fix it in your mind
No more I lament in the dark
Now I am a woman with substance
I sews new possibilities in my world
I respect my self worth and value my core
I won’t breath under your judgement and insistence
My emotions have strengthened enough
To shed up your undeserved demand and absurd stubborn
Grant me my space
Accompany me in every pace
I will live in your loving captive
But not at your behest
My prosperity will shine
This is the legacy I have to left behind
Incorporating the freedom
Adorning an utopia for the womenkind
Why my sexuality is still a vile aspersions
Nature has gifted me the power of creation
I am not a aphrodisiacal flesh
To embrace my body you have to commune my soul
The tidal waves wax and wane
But never erodes the shores
The beams of moon reflects
On the ocean’s chest turning into black mirror In love gravitating each other.

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