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Shame! The ethics of the nation deifies girls and ravage its body in the dark. In my land vicious male free to assault girls’ modesty but the girls are compelled to put on the veil of propriety. When India will ensure safety for its daughters?

Another teenage girl was gang raped by upper cast men of her village Hathras, UP. The rapists severely injured her spinal cord and cut her tongue in a warning to keep silent. Finally after fortnight she has succumbed to her injury. Police cremated her body without consent of her family in the dark. Are we living in a benighted country?

Just two months ago in August a 13 year minor girl was raped and brutally murdered for defecating on the farmland in UP, Kheri District. Rape in India is surging and is being done with impunity.

It seems that Law and Orders are black and bold on the papers only, in reality ugly power of vice still rules flaunting in the face of women. We are living in a culture where male brutes are bay for woman’s blood inflicting ignominy terrifying the society to stay blind. Beside rape women are at the receiving end of numerous other cruelties such as domestic violence, dowry, abuse by partner, sexual harassment, gender based violence and list just goes on. Women’s body are mint to be stripped, raped, roughed, hurt and dishonored into any degree and since history we are seasoned to complicit these high index crimes.

There are deep malfunctioning and manipulations in the ranks and files. There is kowtowing of power. Now it has become imperative to improve our policing. Police and judiciary should abide the law by keeping it’s accountability straight and high. The response from the police should be empathetic to prevent the victims from being shy out and give them a more combustive atmosphere to articulate their violence without fear.

A bold internalized ‘aversion’ from the core of the collective souls of humans can only bring some solution this ghastly crime. The culprits should punish without any leniency. Anti-Rape law should be more stringent to create a fear in offenders. An unimaginable fear for conviction can only check this crime.

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