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Like every other day, today too I awake up with the prayer call from minars of mosque and jingling bells from temples. But it didn’t soothed me and Something was amiss and disquiet in the air.

I leaped out at TV, fixed my eyes to news update… the communal riot had claimed 42 life yet….ughh……bodies were fished out from gutters and scavenging is still going on.

Houses were torched, shops were looted, mosque were Arson. Fear is rattling everywhere. Life is breathing in living hell.

The Mayhem is a political ploy by some political goons, intentionally, to instigate religious confrontation.

How rediculos these lumpen monsters are, trying to create a fame for themselves, by subjecting “Hindutva” in their inflammatory speeches? Does ethics of Hindutva supports nonviolence?

And why there isn’t any action against kapil mishra, Anurag Thakur who knack misleading peoples. Why there is laxity for the perpetrators?

India is not a hindu rastra. India is a democratic country and Secularism is enshrine in our constitution. Hindu and Musalman we all have equal rights. Neither Allah nor Sri Ram has expounded to fight over their names. Both the breviary Koran and Geeta preaches, compassion, kindness peace and harmony.

Beside that, before being Hindu or musalman, we are born as humans.

Being human is our true mark

Humanity should be our culture

Kindness should be our religion

To serve on this earth

Being a humble Indian.

Instead of louding over hindutva, better we should focus on growth of our nation.

And before snare up in the provocation of selfish political leaders, give yourself a conscious call.

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