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Some Indian men are no less wild than corona virus. She may survive from the virus, but there is no escape from schlemiel husbands.)

Domestic violence in India is prevalent. The abdominal crime is committed in impunity. Women faces physical, physiological and verbal abuse and it is an ugly truth behind the curtain of so-called Indian civility.

It is distressing tale of almost every woman but they feel reluctant to divulge it before the world. Voicing is still a taboo in our society. Due to family pressure, lack of community support they stay under the duress of abusive husbands. Our social ethics are so designed inculcating a believe system that, a husband’s violent behavior is justified. Even beating to wife is deemed as an acceptable subject. Besides that, Indian women are seasoned to be shy and comply. So, they even don’t realize and admit that, they are getting abused. Helpless and hopeless they stuck in their situations.

I am really happy, finally women are coming out of their cocoon, braving to take stand against the egregious crime and reporting their ordeals in the police stations. Shedding eons old fear is surely a catch up.

I owe all the women who bold to break times old societal frail to claim their conjugal rights, and desired to embrace their happiness over just being stoic.

Her stoic eyes

Staring through the window

Quietly consoling her heavy heart

Because she knows, her cry will fall on deaf rears

As she is surrounded by some inequitable creatures

Domestic violence is a free affair in my land

Every one senses, the thrust behind the closed doors

But no one comes forward, to defend her

She is borne to rule by,

By the cold command of the brutish men

The hanging tear drop on her lash

Very evidence of her pain

He pretends to be witty blind

The adamant masculine demons

May be wickedness is in your genome

What you think?

Doesn’t she understand the motive behind your deceptive smile?

Yet she bears

The sick patriarchy

Cos, she loves her child

But, that’s enough men

Calm your splenetic

Purge your insanity

How you will play

If my icy cold treat will pitch high

And, enough women

Assert your power

Stop victimizing your soul

Adore your self-respect

Because you are more than just being a wife

Wipe out the self-blame, confusions guilt and shame. Speak it out. You have all rights to smile an uninhibited smile.

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