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Today is lock-down day 33. 10 days left for the lifting of lock-down, but it isn’t bringing any ..uooph.. to my gloom. Contaminated zones will continue with restrictions and rest will open. Dreading uncertainty still rules as the virus hasn’t gone.

The 80 million human species are incoherently battling for survival. Battling a trial and error battle, virtually without any weapon. Without any means of particular vaccines and medications, Medical fraternity of the world are working hard, research is in steadfast. we are still far away from success, and till then the virus will invade human cells, making us sick, taking humankind into its grip.

Social distancing is just prevention to slow down the transmission. Without a potential drug, we cannot defeat the ferocious virus.

A maleficent virus is greening on the face of humankind, steering our mind in an inexorable fear. The world is struggling, with its moral up, to decode the modus-operandi of the pathogen. Yet we have no means to its end.

So, in this dark time lifting of lock-down is just another considerable risk. Life need livelihood, we have to step out to make life flow with essentials.

But the 33 days of unpleasant scenario has fueled us to deal with the deadly pathogen. Each passing days has poured a ray of hope to survive, and the victorious feeling prepares us for the next upcoming day to fight.

Life after lock-down will be like braving into the battlefield, tormented of the lethal microscopic virus, which may hit us any time, and take our life.

But humans are inherent fighters, so we will fight to enlist the virus in the catalogue of endangered, and to flag our existence on this earth to live fearless among benevolent species being together.

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