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So, the historic Ratha-Jatra rang down the curtain in an understated celebration. In Niladribi

je the trinity Goddesses has adorned the Ratna-Singhasana in their majestic abode.

O Lord of the universe in a witty ploy you mollified Goddess Laxmi. Placated her anger by gifting her sweet ‘Rasagola’, and befriended with your consort.

No rituals in the temple left unturned. Everyday priest scrambles through the walls to change the sacred flag on the dome. Every day a host of your chefs ensures 56 luscious items to be on your golden plate. Every single rituals are meticulously performed with much reverence.

Off limit to devotees, you are enjoining your lordly favour in the premise of the temple, where the whole world is bursting in terrible chaos for the prevalent pandemic. You preferred to visit your aunt’s place on your massive chariots among your servitors, without accompanying your seer admirer. The hustle-bustle of thousands of footfalls in your place and their love just slipped out of your mind and you toured alone.

When the world is facing humanity’s biggest crisis, you even didn’t hesitate to be glided with your grandiloquent golden ornaments and donned fine embellish silk cloths in regal sartorial style and flaunted on the chariot in the deserted esplanade of the temple. You didn’t care the lakhs of that poor heart’s despair who counts for this day to have a seer glance of yours.

People are dying like flies both in COVID and in poverty. Turn around your giant eyes, the paupers, the migrated labourers, the daily wagers, the artisans, the slum dwellers how they are starving in hunger. But you never avert from delighting your scrumptious plate.

O Lord of the universe how can be you so apathetic to the millions of crying hearts. Human civilization is at the verge of destruction. Pandemic is a consequence of man’s insatiable greed and interruption with harmonious nature. We need to be saved from the wrath of nature. The entire humanity is praying, in this wretched time, You are our only ray of hope. O eternal saviour save us from this curse.

Be pity; Spare our sins, absolve humanity with your redemptive love. Bless us peace.

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