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The whimpering from Shahin Bagh hasn’t yet dwindled,
Corona hit the nation hard.
The unforeseen cropped up pathogen
Actually, has made its way from china,
has become a threatened to the whole world.
‘’WHO’’ has declared it the epidemic
The epidemic is spreading wildly taking the mankind into its grip
The irony is that,
To this human created apocalypse
The world is falling in pieces
Blinded In greed and ego
To wear the imperious thorn of power,
Man has thrown its survival into question
The underlying evil in the darker side of human mind
Is more monstrous than virus
A microscopic creature overpowered
We humans!
Standing mighty
To the world
As if devouring our species
To obliterate our existence
Streets are vacant
Lives have isolated
Homes have quietened
The silent mourn in the air
As if a landscape of graveyard
Fear is ruling
Panic is escalating
Pathogen is thickening
Sickness is spiralling
Even death is galloping
Unnerve, still people are waking
Entire humanity is reflecting
How important this endowed life is?
And what really matters
Is only love among us
Amidst quarantine, the peeking faces from the windows
Praying the nightmare to pass
For we have already paid the price
The scary eyes depicting hopes
Hopes to touch the light
Cold and numb every single being
Adoring the power of healing
Malice have subdued, all have united
To catharise the vitiate intentions,
To live for a higher purpose.
Because we humans are the most evolved spices in the creation, let act accordingly. Let use our intellect to construct not to destruct. Covid-19 is a lesson to our inconclusive greed. Let’s unleash our self-interest for a collective purpose to endorse our survival on this earth.

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