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The meandering elephant

In search of food

Chuffed up on a pineapple

Relived her woes

Now her hungry baby in the womb

Can delight the fruit

A mother’s eternal hope

She ate up the pineapple in obligation

It will sinew through muscles and bones

Of her unborn

oblivious of any danger

The innocent couldn’t ideate

The sordid act of Inhumans

A set of deceitful urchins

Stuffed the fruit with explosives

To have some fun, at the cost of a life

I wonder of the ghastly scheme

Of savages in human skin

In excruciating pain

She didn’t hurt anyone

Poor get into the river

Succumbed to death in the water

All have numbed to the dastardly act

But the barbarian’s sense didn’t hurt

Animals too have souls

Their heart too aches

Look at their eyes

They are more humble than we humans

You rest in heaven

Away from the cruel insane

Some spoiled brats hid explosives in pineapple and placed in the forest to snare wild animals. An elephant chomped it that resulted in deep injuries inside her mouth. For the next two week, the injured elephant wandered in and out of the forest enduring the pain. On may 25th the Exhausted elephant in writhing pain rest herself in the Velliar river in the hope of some solace. After two days she collapsed in the river. A later postmortem revealed that she was pregnant.

The culprits must be punished with an equal index of crime.

The incident has shocked the world and there is outrage at this blatantly committed brutal act.

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