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It is fifth day of lockdown. In-between the walls I felt sluggish and to rejuvenate my mind I went to my terrace. The sun was bidding goodbye. The birds were raving and singing as happily as usual. Twigs of my Jasmin and tuber rose were waving with the worm afternoon breeze. I went near the banister to catch a glance at the nearby sights.

The impression of deserted street, shuttered shops, closed tea stall at chowk, empty unbuzzing playground and prevailing eerie of silence all around just quietened me for some moments. As I have never seen my vicinity without people. My heart sighed down to the unfamiliar sight of lockdown. An abrupt thunder roared and the sky soon darken bringing an unexpected precipitation. I hastened inside the house, kept on viewing through my window.

Where the beauty of my vicinity has gone and where it lost its soul? And the vacated picturesque compelled me to think and rethink of the cause of the shocking present that we are dealing with.

The whole humanity is grappling with this unprecedented pandemic. The contagious disease is spreading exponentially. Fear is ruling over our emotions. Right now, we don’t have any accurate medicine or vaccine to beat this virus. The only way to check this virus from transmitting is social distancing or quarantine. So, lockdown is necessary.

Social distance is an alienated concept for we all, basically for we Indians. It too took time for me to get into its urgency and severity of the disease. But we all have got aware to the threat of time and managed to stay inside our homes. Because survival is now our only vital issue.

How shame? We humans the most intelligent species of earth are defeating by a microscopic virus. In our insane we have exploited the nature in numberless ways. so, now we have to incur the repercussion.

The fair part of this pandemic is it forced humanity to reflect over our catalogue of unjust deeds.’’ Nature don’t depend on us but we depend on nature’’. Nature is existing much much before our existence on this earth. So, our extinction doesn’t matter for nature. It will exist timeless along with other 14 million species on its lap.

Takeaways from this pandemic is, now we should be grateful and respectful to nature, as it gives us every element for our survival. Our collective sane efforts will definitely win over this crisis. Because every cloud has a Silverline.

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