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Who is Shiva and why we do celebrates Shivaratri?
Shiva means nothingness. Then why we are praying this nothingness?

Universe too is a void. But in that void there exists an inexhaustible energy, that holds the whole creation within. Thus the power of nothingness is unfathomable to human perception.

As to mythology to get the nectar of immortality there was a truce between good (devtas) and evil(demons). Together they churned the milky ocean. Along the elixir a huge amount of poison too came out of it. This could destroy the whole creation so lord shiva shallow down all the poison to save the creation.

As to above parable, shiva is embodiment of compassion, kindness and love. Shiva is a phenomenal power.
We are worshipping shiva _ but do we worshipping the intrinsic attributes of shiva? Let not be spiritually, atleast from social aspects.

In every single entity there exists a shiva. We all have that power to evolve as an earnest human beings. Shiva gives us abundant possibility to enlighten ourselves by destroying the evils from our mind.

So lets celebrate the true meaning of Shivaratri the “dark night of the soul”. The stage just before the illumination.

Humanity destroy the,
Conflict to establish peace…..
Complain to settle collaboration…..
Greed to prosper generosity…..

Hate to spring love…..

“Let this night not just be a night of wakefulness, let this night be a night of awakening”. Lord Shiva will be pleased upon us and on his own efforts for creating the universe.

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