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Once upon a time

When I was a child
My infantile mind
Sew figments of dreams
In euphoric I sing

When I was a child
I used to risque, along with a band of my kinds
Sneaks into neighbour’s garden
Feasts on mellowed guavas and berries
Tummy full sitting on trees

When I was a child
Looking at bunches of hanging coconuts
Often Speculates, of sweet water inside the hull
Praying God to drop one,
To quench my saliva’s thrust

When I was a child
I used to scale through the rice fields
That Stretches to miles
Astoundingly watches
The golden pinnacles waving undiluted with wind

When I was a child
I used to sit by the ponds
Looking at tiny fishes swerving their fins
Circulating around my feet twitching planktons in delight

When I was a child
I used to flee to the riverside
Stealthing from mother
Watches floating small black boats
On the backdrop of panoramic scenes

When I was a child
Rain used to be my favourite
Waltzing, drenching, frolicking in puddles
Staining my dresses in mud
With Pre ready lie returns to home

When I was a child
I used to visit milkman’s house
With a banana and a hand full of freshly plucked grass
To feed and adore the calf
And test my skill on milking

When I was a child
The books used to be an eldritch cry
Classes were no less than suffocating trials
A wide yawn inflates my lungs fullest
Whispering my desperate to retire to bed soon

When I was a child
It used to be bucolic time In holidays strolling with friends
Among the shepherd’s herd along the meadows
I was actually spending some meaningful time

With the split of time
innocence wafted in the bitterness of life
I too forgot to stop and smell the roses
Comeback my dear infantile
For I want to live those unbridled smiles.

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