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Owing to luck down, there is an aberrant change in our life style. we all are struggling to keep ourselves busy with this scrumptious free time. The inaction is miserably creating anxiety and negativity in our minds. So, the family friends from our lane planed to gather at our porch in the evening, ( I should first clear that, We have proper knowledge of medical instructions imposed by health organization. We have no intention to break the safety norms or inviting any risk. We all have no travel history. So, there is no fear of contagious monster Covid-19 Non of us have even step out of our vicinity. You can say….Home seeker. But we are like this…. basically tenacious home lovers.)

Amidst tea and snacks the enhanced mood and wide laughs I too was enjoying the whizzing milieu. In-between the whimsical conversation, suddenly a stupid satire from a male vocal chord coursed like a wave of electric current through my spine, flipping my light amusement into serious conscious state of mind .

”Because your workplace is outside home your degree of agitation is higher than us, as we women stays at home there is no monotonous break for us”. What a slap stick?

I took stand for this unfair statement but my demure couldn’t pitched high over the male grave argument, And non of my contemporary supported my objection. So i drifted the conversation to another subject by gnashing my teeth behind my asperity smile.

Our traditional doting Males have an attitude of presenting themselves as if they are the Hercules. They grind into powder with the meat roles for house and we wives are meant to reclining on sofas with less substantial household chores. How brilliantly you are imposing your privilege upon your wives who works at home?

This male psychology is always a despised subject for me but I too have developed a lenient mindset to gulp down the humor with ease. Because I can’t change the time prevailed discriminated social cultural impact. And the irony is that in our society men have up-brought to be aggressive and dominant and women are trained to be comply.

Since childhood the boy is told to be powerful and to take care of the girl. The girl is taught, she is weaker sex so she has to be at home. The gender discrimination has entrenched in us.

Why there is a cry for women liberation? I think our men needs to be liberated. Their inflicted thoughts, perceptions need to be liberated to a better and prosperous perspective.

I can’t change the world. If you want the change then be the change. So I have educated my child to respect sentiments of women.

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